I would like to present to everyone my final film project from the New York Film Academy: “After suffering the abuse of a close family member, a young man is forced to question his own sexuality and must decide what it truly means to be a man.” Though we live in a more accepting time than that of our parents and their parents before them, life is still not perfect. There are so many people who are still criticized, marginalized, attacked, feared, and hated for doing nothing more than just being who they are. There are those who want us to be divided by the color of our skin, by what gender we are, by where we are from or where we were born, by what God we worship if we worship one, and ultimately who we choose to love. My film is dedicated to all those people, especially to the “LOST,” all those who have been forced to repress who they truly are, all those that been been forced to hide to “be like everyone else,” and all those who choose to live in a bubble of unhappiness moving nowhere out of fear of violence and being rejected by their friends and family. To all members of the LGBT community, to my friends, family, and to strangers and my fellow human beings, this is dedicated to all of you. You are loved. Your lives matter, your dreams matter, you matter to me and to everyone. You are not alone. You will never be alone. Even if we are not there in person, do not lose hope. We are still with you. Stay strong. The night is darkest just before the dawn. And I promise you, the dawn is coming.

Produced by:

GIO Film Productions


January 29, 2019